Kittybox is an online giftbox subscription service that brings you carefully selected toys, treats and accessories for your special feline friend!

At Kittybox we love our kitties as much as you love yours! That is why we are so excited about our online giftbox subscription that will send you a selection of food, treats, toys and accessories for your beloved kitty.

Kittybox is situated in the friendly and sunny city of Port Elizabeth and cats have always been part of the family. Our Kittybox inspiration and chief product testers are Gemmer and Sylvester. They are first in line to check whether the products in your Kittybox are up to cat standard. The latest addition to the Kittybox team, Alan, ensures that the treats in our Kittyboxes will make your kitty's mouth water!

Take a look at our shop for our once-off and prepaid subscription options or jump in and sign up for a monthly or quarterly subscription!